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Top 25 U.S. Colleges for Geology PhD's


MIT building. The domed building on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on campus.
Steve Lewis Stock/The Image Bank/Getty Images
Where the geology professors get their PhD's—Of the teaching faculty of American universities, an overwhelming 79 percent earned their geoscience PhD's from just 25 institutions. These same schools granted 48 percent of the doctorates held by all faculty.

Here they are, ranked from first to last. The links go to the school's geology departments.

This is not the only way to rank colleges—for more, see the Colleges category—but these ones are all top-notch.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2. University of California, Berkeley

3. University of Wisconsin, Madison

4. University of Washington

5. Columbia University

6. Stanford University

7. Pennsylvania State University

8. Harvard University

9. University of California, San Diego

10. University of Michigan

11. University of California, Los Angeles

12. California Institute of Technology
      University of Illinois (tie)

14. University of Arizona

15. University of Minnesota

16. Cornell University

17. Yale University

18. University of Colorado

19. Princeton University

20. University of Chicago

21. Oregon State University

22. Johns Hopkins University

23. University of Texas, Austin
      Texas A&M University (tie)

25. Ohio State University

Thanks to the American Geological Institute for this information, reported in Geotimes May 2003.

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