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Before You Ask Me About Your Rock . . .

By March 19, 2014

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rockIt's the easiest thing for you to do—see a stone, snap its picture, show me the picture and ask "What is this?" You've been doing it ever since I launched this site back in 1997. But it can be a hard thing for me to respond to. Although often it's easy, I don't always know what you're asking. Your question is like showing me a word on a page ripped out of a novel and asking me about the book.

I need your help in many ways:

  • You need to be curious, not just doing homework. I don't answer homework questions, although I might give you hints.
  • You need to search all over this site before you say "I've searched all over."
  • You should use the Forum on this site, not email or a comment on the blog.
  • A photo is essential, and it needs to be in focus; usually it's not.
  • You need to say what you have observed about the stone: where you are, where it was ("by a stream" is not enough), what tests you've done. What interests you about this particular rock?

A rock is never just a rock; it's one word in a gigantic book. As I explain in How to Look at a Rock, everything around the rock matters. But if you can help in the ways I just listed, we should have a good time.
Odd metamorphic rock — Geology Guide photo


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