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Andrew Alden

The 2013 Christmas Geology Quiz

By December 25, 2013

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Here is the 2013 Christmas Geology Quiz, sixth in a series of brain-mangling puzzlers that have baffled multitudes! I'll post the answers on Sunday the 29th in a separate post. This post will not take comments, so if you want to discuss the quiz, quibble, remonstrate, kvetch or just fume, take it to Twitter (where I'm @aboutgeology) or Google-plus or Facebook.

  1. Which of these does not belong: ballas, bort, gangue, naif?
  2. What do these have in common: grain, hardway, rift, run?
  3. What uses all of these: detrital zircons, heavy minerals, lithics, phenoclasts?
  4. Where do creep, flash, heave and inbreak occur?
  5. Which of these planets is closest to us: Luna, Mars, Theia, Venus?
  6. Aphanitic, glassy, phaneritic and spinifex are what?
  7. What's the adjective for something on Mercury: Hadean, Hermean, Mancunian, Mercurian?
  8. The largest earthquake of 2013 struck what country: Canada, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia?
  9. Which of these does not belong: aerolite, hyaloclastite, palagonite, peperite?
  10. Which of these is the most spherical: biosphere, cryosphere, magnetosphere, pedosphere?
  11. Which volcano erupted throughout 2013: Etna, Eyjafjallajökull, Klyuchevskoy, Mayon?
  12. Cataclastic, granoblastic, hornfelsic and mylonitic are what?
  13. Which of these does not belong: cast, druse, mold, vug?
  14. What do these famous folks have in common: John Hickenlooper, Herbert Hoover, Colin Powell, Andrei Tarkovsky?
  15. What rock type gave rise to stories this year about a "Brazilian Atlantis"?
  16. What the heck is this? "Camels often sit down, much pained. Perhaps their joints creak. Perhaps early oiling might prevent permanent hemorrhoids."
  17. Is diorite a gabbroid? Is tonalite a granitoid? Is foidolite a feldspathoid?
  18. Which came first, shale oil or oil shale?
  19. Which of these is different: adularescence, aventurescence, fluorescence, labradorescence?
  20. Which of these is fluid: asthenosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, siderosphere?


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