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Andrew Alden

Godzillan Geology

By November 30, 2013

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I don't know about you, but I thought that the original 1954 director's cut of the Japanese monster movie "Gojira," the one we all know as "Godzilla," would make splendid Thanksgiving entertainment, and so it did. Oh yeah, I laughed when the professor pulled a nice fresh trilobite out of the dirt on the beach of Odo Island. That happened before I could even think. But generally I try not to scoff at things in movies if they're sincerely done. Practicing science is said to demand an open mind while watching a movie is said to demand the suspension of disbelief. Those two things aren't so far apart. Your average ten-year-old dinosaur lover can spot the errors in the Godzilla story, but "Gojira" wasn't made for children. I hope you'll click through and read my thoughts on the geology of Godzilla, but really I'd be happy if you rented the DVD and watched it twice, the second time with the commentary. It's not "Godzilla Meets Elvis," really.


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