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Andrew Alden

Aluminum: Geology, Minerals and Production

By October 5, 2013

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When I write about Earth science topics I never just list a bunch of facts. Who cares? When you get into science, you learn that things mean something as part of a larger, more interesting story. My newest article, "Aluminum Minerals and Geology," says where aluminum lives and what it means.


October 7, 2013 at 12:00 pm
(1) Barry McMullan says:

Of possible interest concerning your Aluminum article:
Last year I went on two cruises in France and part of my bucket list was to obtain a specimen of Bauxite from Baux (pronounced BO like the LSU fans use Gaux for Go). Our tour guide said the possibility was somewhere between slim and none as the mine had been closed for quite some time. Not to let this old rock hound give up easily, after the historical tour I started on the uphill side of town checking out every what not shop on the way down to the ship. About half way down we met the tour guide coming up hill with a huge smile on her face. Unbeknownst to me, she had the same thing in mind coming up hill and the last shop she checked had one specimen, so possibly I have the last specimen of Bauxite from Baux, France!

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