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Andrew Alden

Two Fives

By September 5, 2013

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Today brings two items from the geoblogosphere that I think you'll like. First is from Erik Klemetti, who on his blog Eruptions wondered what he'd consider the "Top 5 Unanswered Questions in Volcanology." They're good ones, and certainly qualify as five of the top questions in the field. For instance, "How is magma stored under a volcano?" is a really big one. This week's issue of Nature has a paper describing what appears to be the world's largest volcano, a monstrous feature on the Pacific Ocean floor in the Shatsky Rise that is nearly as big as Olympus Mons on Mars. Where the heck does all that lava hide?

Second is another list of five, this time from petroleum consultant and programmer Matt Hall, who lists five things I wish I'd known at the start of my career. First among those is, "Always go the extra inch." Last is, "Learn to program." And if you're already way into programming, consider taking part in Hall's Geophysics Hackathon 2013 later this month in Houston Texas.


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