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Andrew Alden

Give Earth a Pat on Earth Day

By April 22, 2013

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I've always been conflicted about Earth Day, as longtime readers know. Lately the day has been a child-friendly sermon about the birds and the whales, and much of the corporate-sponsored hoopla around it is as smarmy as those expensive ads from the oil companies. The danger of this approach is that like every species, our relationship with Earth is not a quest to return to Eden, but a struggle against a planet that is not our friend. Our drive to prevail, which has won us our civilization and still fuels the drill-baby-drill chant, cannot be wiped from our genes and must be honored. Earth Day needs to regain its original spark and help ignite the pervasive Earth Life we need—to save not Earth, but ourselves.

Do you have any ideas for a more adult, robust Earth Day? Submit them at the end of this article.


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