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Andrew Alden

Sayings and Proverbs that Touch on Geology

By November 27, 2012

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I am using this post to salute the Rolling Stones, who are celebrating 50 years in the rock-n-roll business. The band took its name from a classic blues song that in turn referred to an older saying. And what is that saying? You all know it, so repeat after me: "A rolling stone gathers no moss." And what does it mean? Well, all of a sudden we're not repeating each other. I take it to mean, Stay fresh, because I love rocks. But moss is a good thing too, and maybe it's not good to go through life with nothing sticking to you. Be judicious in your choice of moss, I might say.

Thinking about that saying prompted me to collect a bunch of sayings and proverbs about rocks, rivers and mountains. What do the People think of those things? And how does the Geologist's view differ? I hope you have fun with the list. And maybe you too will remember, as I surely will now, the Arab saying, "Show no fear to the man who picks up a big stone."


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