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A Full Spectrum of Photos: Accretionary Wedge #25

By June 2, 2010

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accretionary wedgeChris Rowan and Anne Jefferson, the masterminds of the Highly Allochthonous blog about geology (as if you couldn't tell from the name), have compiled the 25th edition of the blog carnival called The Accretionary Wedge. I am slow, and when they asked their fellow bloggers to submit their favorite photos I thought, How can I pick just one, and left the whole thing on the back burner. Today the Wedge is up, and lo and behold they organized it as an alphabet. In his book Sand, author Michael Welland had a miscellany of items about sand in everyday life that he had the devil of a time organizing until he settled on an alphabet. Writers are naturally wary of this tactic. But I found it galvanizing. Brain kicked into gear, I found it easy to find photos for the missing letters in the Wedge:

I: Iron meteorite
N: Neck (of an extinct volcano)
Q: Quartz, of course
R: Why, what other than my ROCKS wallpaper image. If I had to submit just one shot . . .
U: Unconformity at Red Rocks
W: Weathering (starting with physical, then into chemical and organic)
X: Xenoliths, what else?
Z: Zeolites, naturally

The one letter I can't come up with is Y. If you have a photo of a Yardang or a piece of Yugawaralite, put it on your geoblog. If you don't have a geoblog, start one!

UPDATE: Thanks to Michael Welland I can add yardang to the alphabet. Many thanks!
Zeolites — Geology Guide photo


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